Our Mission

Imagine and provide solutions to improve and optimize business platforms of our partners.

Design efficient and scalable architecture.

Write testable components and applications.

Assist your developers and teams.

Optimize your existing solutions.

Certified service provider eligible for the french innovation tax credit (CII).



Design and Development of Application Platform.


R & D

Assist your teams in the realization of prototypes and MVPs in order to find growth relays.



Define at the macroscopic and microscopic levels the software design and how components will articulate and communicate with each other.



Write quality code, tested automatically and continuously.



Write web platforms with a low response time.

Who I Am

Richard Déloge

I <3 coding

Software architect and developer, freelance, I design and produce application platforms using Web and mobile technologies, allowing my clients to develop their activities.

After designed and documented the project's architecture its structures, as a FullStack developer, I work mainly with Web technologies, including PHP, Symfony, HTML5, MySQL or MongoDB. C ++, Java and PostgreSQL are also familiar to me.

Having expertise with Linux systems, network technologies, containerization (Docker) and orchestration (Ansible, Kubernetes), I am also able to carry out the deployment, production, optimization and monitoring.

In parallel, I work on the company Teknoo Software and write tools and services for web developers.

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