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Teknoo Software is a PHP company, for creative web developers. We propose a set of tools and php library to allow you to write wonderfully website or platform :).


About Us


2011, Cédric Neveu and Richard Déloge create the web agency Uni Alteri, their goal : create high quality website and platform for their partners.

2014, Richard releases several libraries, written to help him in its projects. Its main project is "State", a useful library to implement the "State pattern" in PHP.

2015, Richard creates a new independent company, Teknoo Software to support its projects.


We support open source because it is the best way to ensure quality and continuity of IT projects, they will always be maintainable by all enthusiasts or users.

All our libraries and services are built on open source solutions and are released under MIT licences. They are released on GitHub, we invite you to fork them and develop with them.


Computer science and Internet are fabulous tools : they release the Human creativity. But they require effective and usable tools to allow this creativity to be fully expressed.

That is why we want to provide to our partners and to the community a set of high quality services or software and sharing knowledge and skills.

Richard Déloge

About me

I'm Richard Déloge, software architect and engineer in France and I write software in PHP for 10 years. I also the co-founder of the web agency Uni Alteri.

These projects are the result of my thoughts and my experience during my various projects.

Access to my professional website.

States library

To use the "State" pattern in yours projects.

Library to create classes following the State Pattern in PHP. This can be a cleaner way for an object to change its behavior at runtime without resorting to large monolithic conditional statements and this improve maintainability.

With this Pattern, your code is divided in several simple and independent "entities" called "State". They are managed by the "proxy", representing also the pointer "$this".

An extension is available to manage life cycle of your classes. It provides services to observe, manage and coordinate life cycles of stated classes' instances. A Symfony bundle is also available to use the States library and its extension in Symfony 2+.

 Fork on Github

Install States

#States library
composer require teknoo/states
#States life-cycle extension
composer require teknoo/states-life-cycle
#States symfony bundle
composer require teknoo/states-bundle

MangoPay Bundle

To use MangoPay into your Symfony projects.

MangoPay is a payment solution, provided by Leetchi Corp SA a subsidiary of Credit Mutuel Arkea, dedicated to crown-founding platform and marketplaces.

MangoPay is an integrated solution, an api to integrate in your project, consumers will no left your website. To perform this, MangoPay provides an API and several clients in different languages, including PHP.

This Symfony bundle imports the Mango Pay PHP SDK to be used int Symfony 2.7+ projects like a standard Symfony services

 Fork on Github

Install MangoPay Bundle

composer require teknoo/mango-pay-bundle

Sellsy Client

To connect your PHP platforms to your Sellsy account.

Sellsy is an online CRM for SMBs, start-ups and freelance. Very user-friendly, Sellsy is fully configurable to meet the needs of its users. Sellsy provides also a REST API to connect any platform with your Sellsy account.

This library allows your to use Sellsy API and enable your PHP platforms and websites. A plugin for Wordpress is also available.

 Fork on Github

Install Sellsy Client

composer require teknoo/sellsy-client

Paypal Checkout

To connect quickly your shopping website to Paypal.

Paypal is a famous payment solution, used by most online shopping sites. The easiest way to perform payment via Paypal is the service "Express Checkout".

This library allows your to integrate quickly and easily this service in your website to perform purchases.

 Fork on Github

Install Paypal Checkout

composer require teknoo/paypal-exprss

We'd to help!

We like to create things with fun, open-minded people. Feel free to say hello!.

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