Composer installer

Complete install, update of your Composer package.

Plugin to perform some automatic operations when a package is installed, updated or uninstalled via Composer. Some frameworks, like Symfony, requires some operations to use a library, package or bundle in your project. They can provide solution, like Symfony Recipe to automate these operations, like Symfony Recipe, but they are limited and your package depend of external services and servers.

Teknoo Composer Installer is a Composer plugin, also allowing you to automate these operations without external restriction.

Operations must be declared in the extra section of the composer.json file of your package. Each operation must be a PHP class, implementing the interface ActionInterface, provided with Teknoo Composer. It will be automatically loaded and called when an operation (install, update or uninstall) concerns your package.

By default, Composer Installer provides three actions dedicated to Symfony, to generate file into packages, complete bundles.php and add routes.




Not require an external service


No development restriction


Create your own actions


Can be use for any packages or framework


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    "name": "your-company/your-package",
    "extra": {
        "Teknoo\\Composer\\Installer": {
            "config": {
                #To configure Teknoo\\Composer\\Installer
                #disabled: true #to disabled installer in the current composer project
            #To add some bundle in bundles.php
            "Teknoo\\Composer\\Action\\SymfonyBundle": {
                "Your\\Company\\Bundle": {"all":  true},
                "Your\\Another\\Company\\Bundle": {"dev": true }
            #To add/update some file in config/packages
            "Teknoo\\Composer\\Action\\SymfonyPackages": {
                "bundle_config.yaml": [
                    "# Read the documentation:",
                    "  foo:",
                    "    - 'bar'",
                    "    - '%kernel.project_dir%/vendor/foo/bar.php'",
                    "  bar:",
                    "    foo: 42"
                "bundle_another_config.yaml": "foo\\nbar",,
                "bundle_another_config.yaml": {
                    "base64": "aGVsbG8gd29ybGQ="